Will I receive a physical product after my purchase?

No, all of the resources on Sweet Tooth Teaching are digital download resources. You will receive an email with your downloads as well as having access to your downloads in the ‘My Account’ section of the page.

What programs do I need to open my resource?

Most of the resources sold are saved as PDFs. You will need Adobe or a PDF reader to access your resource. If your purchase includes an editable template, you will need PowerPoint to open and edit the resource.

What is a zipped file? How do I open a zipped file?

A zipped file is just a large folder containing several files inside. To open a zipped file, simply right click and select ‘unzip’.

I just purchased a resource, but I can’t find it!

You will receive an email with a link to download your resource. You can also access your resources in the ‘My Accounts’ section of the shop. Once you click ‘download files’, you’ll be able to access them in the Downloads folder in your computer.

What does an editable resource include?

If the resource you purchased states that it is editable, it means that you will able to add and remove text boxes to fit your needs. Clipart cannot be moved or deleted.

Can I share a resource I purchased with a friend or colleague?

Products are intended for single classroom use. You may not post resources on school websites without consent. (Google Classroom use for students is ok!)

How do I earn Reward Points towards purchases? How much are points worth?

You will earn 2 reward points for each product purchased. You will also earn 3 reward points for creating an account. 10 points are worth $1 off your purchase.

Can I still purchase your resources on Teachers Pay Teachers?

Yes of course! My resources are still available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Can I order a custom resources or classroom decor pack?

Unfortunately, I do not create custom resources or decor packs.

How do I print the large posters such as the data posters or large calendars?

These files are designed to be professionally printed at a print shop like Office Depot. You will take the file to them and they can print on large poster paper. (Printing instructions are included)