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A fun, realistic, and affordable classroom management system your students will love! Encourage your students to earn class cash as they are rewarded for positive behaviors. Students can purchase class coupons from the coupon catalog using their class money. A reward system that is affordable for teachers and exciting for elementary students!

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    Classroom Economy

    Looking for an exciting classroom management system that will also help your students prepare for the REAL WORLD? This classroom economy system is what I’ve been using since I started teaching and it is a serious GAME-CHANGER! Improve student behaviors by reinforcing positive behaviors. A classroom management tool you and your students will love!

    How Does a Classroom Economy Work?

    I designed this classroom economy reward system to be paired up with Class Dojo. However, it can also be used with a clip chart or any other type of classroom management tool. Students earn “Class Cash” for their Dojo Points. They are able to use the cash to purchase coupons from our Coupon Catalog.

    How does a Classroom Economy Help Students and Teachers?

    The reward coupons in this system are WAY more economical for us teachers. When you use this system, there is no longer a need to refill a treasure box every week! I’ve also found that students tend to prefer the coupon incentives over a simple treasure box treat. Rewarding positive behavior with Class Cash and coupons leads to improved student behavior and a positive classroom environment.

    Click HERE to read more about how I use this classroom money reward system in my classroom!

    What’s Included:

    PDF Class Coupons & Catalog Pages (B&W + Color)

    PDF Class Cash Classroom Currency (B&W + Color)

    PDF Catalog Pages with Prices (B&W + Color)

    PDF Table of Contents with Prices (B&W + Color)

    PPT EDITABLE Coupons- Create Your Own! (B&W + Color)

    PPT EDITABLE Catalog Pages- Add Your Own Prices! (B&W + Color)

    PPT EDITABLE Table of Contents with Prices- Add Your Own! (B&W + Color)

    PPT EDITABLE Cash- Customize cash name & amount (B&W + Color)

    50 Classroom Economy Coupons Included:

    + Stinky Feet – Take off your shoes

    + Teacher’s Desk – Sit at the teacher’s desk

    + Rock Out – Listen to music while you work

    + Tech Time – Extra computer time

    + Chill Out – Enjoy a book in the classroom library

    + Lunch Buddy – Eat lunch with a friend

    + Messenger for the Day – Deliver the class mail for the day

    + Line Leader – Lead the line for the day

    + Good Morning – Lead the morning meeting for the day

    + VIP Student – Sit at the VIP desk and use the VIP supplies

    + Show & Tell – Bring in something special to share with the class

    + Lunch with the Teacher – Enjoy lunch with the teacher

    + Furry Friend – Bring a stuffed animal to school

    + Hat Day – Wear a hat to school

    + Bubble Gum – Chew gum in class

    + Dance Party – Host a 5-minute classroom dance party

    + Buddy Time – Sit by a friend for the day

    + Treasure Box – Grab a treat from the treasure box

    + Wiggle Pass – Take a 5-minute walk around the school to release some wiggles

    + Homework Pass – No homework for one night

    + Fancy Pens – Use fancy pens to complete your classwork

    + Morning Break – Skip morning work for the day

    + Drawing Time – Draw for 10 minutes

    + Eraser Buddy- Pick a mini eraser

    + Teacher for the Day – Be the teacher for the day

    + Game Pass – Play a game with a friend

    + STEM Bins – Skip a classwork assignment and use the STEM bins to create something

    + Paper Passer – Pass out the papers for the day

    + Silly Socks – Wear silly socks to school

    + Assistant for the Day – Help the teacher for the day

    + Dojo Bonus – Earn 3 Dojo Points

    + Seat Swap – Choose your seat for the day

    + Snack Break – Eat a snack in class

    + Board Writer – Use a white board for the day

    + Your Choice – Choose the reward

    + Fun Facts – Research and share 10 fun facts with the class

    + Floor Work – Do your work on the floor

    + Extra Recess – Enjoy 10 minutes of extra recess

    + Half Homework – Complete only half of your homework

    + Center Captain – In charge of your center for the day

    + Laughing Time – Tell the class a joke

    + Poet for the Day– Write and read a poem to the class

    + Happy Notes – Positive note home

    + Pet Pal – Take care of the class pet for the day

    + Free Time – Enjoy 10 minutes of free time

    + Lucky Pencil – Choose a pencil to keep

    + Noodle it Out – Enjoy a 5-minute GoNoodle break

    + Lego Building – Take a break and play with the Lego bins

    + Class Mascot – Take the class mascot home for a day

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