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Engage your elementary students while reviewing important nonfiction text features. This activity pack includes everything you need to transform your classroom into a text feature surgery room! Inside you’ll find text feature task cards, scavenger hunt, posters, worksheets, and more! Includes DIGITAL and PRINTABLE text feature activites.

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    Fun & hands-on activities to ENGAGE your students while mastering text features! Inside you’ll find text feature surgery transformation activities, scavenger hunt, literacy center activities, task cards, nonfiction passages, posters, and MORE! These activities are designed to not only help students identify nonfiction text features, but analyze and understand their purpose as well.

    The nonfiction comprehension passages are interdisciplinary and can be used across content areas (science & social studies). Activities and passages are designed for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students.

    Check out the Text Feature BUNDLE which includes two board games!

    This Resource Covers the Following Text Features:







    Fact Box

    Key Words (Bold, Italics, Color print)




    Table of Contents





    What’s Included:

    Printable Versions

    Posters: The set of posters are included in both BLACK background with neon colors and WHITE background with neon colors. (Total of 16 posters per color) Use these as text feature anchor charts!

      “Non-Fiction Text Features” Book Project: Students will search through magazines to find text feature examples and create their own book. (Perfect for text feature surgery or scavenger hunt!)

    Two Non-Fiction Passages with Fill in the Text Feature: Students must identify the text features and add the appropriate names (heading, glossary, caption, etc.)

    Two Comprehension Question Sheets: Aligned to each passage and includes questions focusing on TF.

     Two Graphic Organizers: Students will identify features within each passage and how they helped contribute to the purpose of the text.

    Two “Fill in the Text Feature” Non-Fiction Passages: Students must create their OWN text features based on the information provided in the text.

    Cut & Paste: Match the text feature with the correct description.

    Interactive Notebook Flap Book: Students will record the meaning and/or examples of each text feature to keep in their notebooks.

    Matching Task Card Game: Match the text feature with the correct name and description.

    “Understanding Text Features” Task Cards: Students will answer each TF question by applying what they know about text features.

    Text Feature Surgery Items: Printable folder covers & doctor badges

    Text Feature Surgery Parent Letter: Printable letter to send home asking parents for magazine donations.

    Text Feature Cheat Sheets: Colored & B/W versions of text feature cheat sheets that students can take home or use as a reference tool.

    Digital Versions

    Google Slides:

    • Text Feature Posters
    • Two Non-Fiction Passages
    • Two Comprehension Question Slides
    • Two Text Features Graphic Organizers
    • Two ‘Fill in the Text Feature’ Non-Fiction Passages
    • Text Features Drag & Drop
    • “Understanding Text Features” Task Cards
    • Text Feature Cut & Paste Booklet

    Boom Cards:

    • Text Feature Matching Task Card Game

    What are Boom Cards?

    Boom Cards are digital and interactive task cards that make learning fun! They are perfect for remote learning, interactive whole-group lessons on a Smart Board, technology centers, and/or for individual at-home review. In order to use Boom Cards, the teacher must create a FREE account on the Boom Learning™ website. Students will be able to access the decks on any device connected to a modern browser such as: Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. The digital task cards are colorful and engaging. Students are able to drag and drop, type in answers, and/or select from multiple choice options.

    When you download the GOOGLE DIGITAL RESOURCES, you’ll also find:

    • Teacher Directions (extremely easy and requires no prep!)
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to download and make a copy of a Google Slide.
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to assign Google Slide assignments to your students.
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to assign on Google Classroom.

    Like this pack? Grab the BUNDLE!

    text features activities

    Standards Targeted:

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    text features activities

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